Q) How do I create an MSI package from Visual Studio 2010?
A) It’s a multi-step process.

1) Start with your existing solution and application.

2) In “solution explorer,” right-click the overall solution, and do  “add”->”new project”
 For project type, select “other project types”->”Setup and deployment”->”Visual Studio Installer”
Then click “setup project”
This should take you to the “installer” view
Under the app properties, set the following:
– removePreviousVersion: true
– author, manufacturer as appropriate

3) Right-click the “application” folder, and click “add”->”project output”
– for “project,” select your project name
– select “primary output” (should already be selected).

4) on “User’s Programs Menu, right-click and do “add”->”folder”
– go back to the “application folder”
– right click the “primary output..” and select “create shortcut to … from …”
– drag the shortcut, and drop it into the menu folder created in step 3

5) In the solution explorer, right-click the setup project and do “build”
6) In the “Debug” folder of your setup project, you should find an MSI,
along with an installer .exe