I just finished watching the new promo video for the Wolfram language. 

I’ll reserve judgment on the language itself until I’ve had the opportunity to build something in it, but I’m enthusiastically in favor of the scope and approach of the language. I’m very tired of “hot new languages” that are just another 3gl with a bit of syntactic sugar applied. We don’t need that. We need BIG differences. We need, at minimum, a much higher level of abstraction. I talk to my customers, and they talk about “cases” and “reports”; I don’t want to have to translate that into “radio buttons” and “vectors of type String”. I want to operate at my customer’s level of abstraction, so that I can deliver solutions to them faster, there are fewer misunderstood requirements translations (because there are fewer translations required) etc. Today’s development tools are gigantic, taking gigabytes and gigabytes of disk space and megabytes and megabytes of runtime memory, and yet we’re still twiddling around with the same abstractions that we were back in 1990. It’s time to raise the game.